Presentation Design

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PPT Colors


Some sights to grab ideas/golden nuggets from:


Special Connections (connecting teachers to strategies that help students with special needs successfully access the general education curriculum) - Effective Presentation Design


How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to colorblind people. The page has a link to a downloadable pdf and PPT


How to pick an effective color palette for your PPT presentation.


Color theory applied to presentations.


10 Tips for creating successful business presentations.


A picture is worth a 1000 words + using color in presentations


Choosing color for you presentation slides.  


Speechmaster...color psychology -


Choose the right colors for your PPT presentation -- from Microsoft --


Presentation Zen blog -- PowerPoint Tips that are clear and to the point --


Speaker DOs and DON'Ts -


How to Design a Bad Presentation...from TECH SOUP, the technology place for no-profits -


Heart Rhythm Society's PPT DO's and DON'Ts -


TemplateGraphix - Typography Do's and Don'ts -


Get help.library @ UPENN - PPT Do's and Don'ts -


Presentation Magazine's - Effective Presentation Techniques -


Presentation Magazine's - The Power of Three -


Presentation Magazine's - Hook 'em young: PPT Boot Camp for Kids -


David Jakes Presentation Resources -


Standing Room Only: How to Create Unforgettable Presentations -  


Presentation tips -


Worst PPT presentation ever - - Really Bad PowerPoint and How to Avoid It