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TEACH Academy Overview

Page history last edited by Ruth Okoye 12 years, 2 months ago

TEACH Academy Overview:



TEACH academy will provide three days of technology professional development to interested PPS teachers. 



TEACH academy will be structured like a professional conference allowing teachers to attend hands-on sessions throughout the three days.  At the conclusion of each session teachers will be required to turn in a product created for classroom use and will receive a certificate for completion of the session.


Sessions will be offered throughout the day from 8:00 – 4:30.  Maximum size for any session will be 20.  TRTs will be assigned to each session to introduce the presenter, apprise teachers of housekeeping and other session “ground rules” collect finish products, and distribute certificates.  TRTs will also be responsible for first level troubleshooting and to assist the presenter by clarifying PPS policies with regard to application usage as necessary.



TEACH Academy will be hosted by the Starbase Victory wing of Victory Elementary School located at 10 Independence in Portsmouth, VA


Professional Development Content:

The following presenters have been set up:

  • Debbie Rollins – Local Instructional Technology Educational Consultant.  All three days. Content: Virtual Field Trips
  • Tom Spencer – Local Instructional Technology Educational Consultant.  All three days.  Content: WebQuests, Classroom Blogs, Tech Integration 101 (Ideas and samples), Intro to Web 2.0 for the classroom – Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts and RSS
  • Infotec – IT trainers.  All three days.  Content:  Photoshop CS3, Flash CS3.  May also do Dreamweaver or InDesign
  • Paul Barron - Local Educational Consultant. One Day - Thursday the 19th.  Web searching and Portaportal
  • Penny Izquierdo - Promethean teaching and Learning Consultant – Two partial days. Formative assessment and Activotes
  • ALTEC – Advanced Learning Technologies group out of University of Kansas.  All three days.  Proposed Content – Trackstar/Rubistar, Tech Integration 101 (Understanding LoTi) 
  • PPS TRT Presentations


The following presenters are in process:


The following are presenters we are still looking for:




Administrative Strand:

One day of professional development for the administrators – probably the Thursday and located in the Arena.  Ideally we would have Four ninety minute sessions for which they could “earn” grant money for their buildings by attending the sessions.  Probably not too much hands on stuff…

·   West End Media – to talk about administrative reports available in Orchard and Practice Planet

·   ALTEC – Technology Integration for Administrators using LoTi framework

·   Promethean – Formative Assessment with Activotes

·   TBA




Session evaluation should be done via the electronic survey system.


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