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Paul Barron

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Date Session Name Materials Assignment
6/19 TBA


Create your own Portaportal


attendees will learn Web searching and:

  1. How Google works, why Wikipedia results are always returned for most searches, why Google doesn’t always return the best results, and prove that Google does not index the entire Web,
  2. Putting Pizzaz into a Portaportal account –  How to set up and organize a Portaportal online bookmark account for yourself and guests



Notes for Paul:

I am sure you have run into teachers who are sure that they know how to search before.  Many of our teachers have no idea how to really search (even using Google) and/or refine their searches.  Many are unaware that there are different types of search engines as well.  When we have offered classes on searching in the past, attendance has been poor since many feel they have already mastered this skill.  In terms of Portaportal, many of our teachers have been exposed to the concept but have not had the thought of creating their own.  So while folks may need this, as in many things, we'll need to do a little convincing to help them sign up for the course. 


If you could tell me a little bit more about what the teachers would be doing, it would help me to write a good description of your session for the offerings guide.

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