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I Blog, You Blog

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This session is designed to cover all of the content for the PPS blogging professional development sessions required of those who want a classroom blog.  The agenda for the day is below...


Time Topic Materials Assignment
8:30 am Welcome and Introduction


8:45 am What is a blog?, What is blogging?, Blog vocabulary    
9:00 am Types of Blogs - Personal, Professional, Classroom    
9:30 am Discussion  

Think -Pair-Share 

  • Blog types
  • Why I Want a Blog
  • Types of things I will post
9:45 am  Planning your blog

Blog planning sheet

PPS Blog Guidelines

Create a graphic organizer to represent your blog (Here's mine)
10:00 Break    
10:15 am Intro to Wordpress Your Blog 


11:30 Lunch    
1:00 pm Intro to Wordpress continues    
3:00 pm  Blogging with students    Paper blogging 
  More  Sample lesson plans    
4:15 TEACH Academy Survey Survey Link  


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