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Collaborative Writing Tasks

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Studying the transition that VA made from being an agricultural society to more industrialized and reasons people chose to make the change. 

  • Pacing guide allows 5 days for this.  Here are two tasks that would be good for days 2 – 4.  It would be great if the language arts teacher would allow students to work on this activity during the same 3 days.  These activities also cover English 4.1, 4.3, 4.4b & d, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8; 5.6c (oral language, author’s purpose [setting], main idea & details, research, writing, supporting your conclusions)
  • Additions I would make if I were really teaching this: rubric for the wiki; rubric for the PPT; focus worksheet for reading passage, videos, and research; Students would have completed 2-3 wiki, research, and PowerPoint assignments prior to this.  I would probably assign each group member a specific role. This would not be a introductory lesson in any of these activities. Pacing guide says this is taught in March, so this type of assignment would be appropriate for the SOL given the time of year and appropriate introductory activities earlier in the year.



Your tasks over the next 2-3 class periods (40 minutes for TEACH Academy):


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