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Collaborative Writing Group 1

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The advantages of living in the city are that there are a lot of jobs and it has excellent public transportation. The city has people from all over the world where you can people wear different clothing and hear different languages. The other advantages of living in a city are the entertainment because you can go to the movies, restaurant, museums, and sports.



     There several causes that caused Virginia to grow.  Two reason that caused Virginia to grow was the growth of transportation and jobs in the cities of Virginia.  It was easier to move around in the city to find jobs that were present in the cities of Virginia. The military and technology both were a part of the explosive growth in the cities.  This caused it to have more federal jobs which meant job stability.                    


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               If you like fresh air, open spaces and horses then you would enjoy living in the country. Living in the country has some great advantages. There usually are less people which means your closest neighbor might be a half mile or more away. Less people can even mean you get an opportunity to know your community better. What’s traffic in the country? Cows and horses not as many cars! In the country you are surrounded by natural things like trees and grassy fields, not as much man made stuff like sky scrapers and liquor stores. Another perk to living in the country is enjoying the peace and quiet of being outside.


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